Sodia Properties – Online Platform

Apr 24, 2020

SODIA Capital Management would like to announce the launch of its website, comprising of mortgaged and privately owned properties. The web-platform will be utilized for promoting and distributing properties across Greece, those include residential, commercial as well as plots of land.

Sodia Capital Management is the Advisor to the Jupiter Portfolio, which was sold by Alpha Bank. More specifically Jupiter Portfolio contains Non-Performing Business Loans, secured by collateral real estate and also concerns claims amounting to €1bn, including 1,800+ assets, estimated at a market value of €550m.

Our main goal is to promote an auction process, through an efficient pipeline of Classifieds, resulting in the maximum amount of property sales. More specifically, we aim to make the Auction Process more attractive and accessible. Potential buyers will be able to easily find any property -including all under auction assets- they are interested in, as they usually would when using ads. In order to reach our goal, Sodia Properties, have created a pioneering web-platform in the Greek market. All assets under management displayed on the website, have been accompanied by a variety of technical & legal documents, as well as high quality pictures, so that the potential buyers have the best possible understanding of the real estate and strong confidence regarding their final choice. In addition, all properties under sale & auction will be allocated to real estate agencies that we have closely been working with.

Based on market demands, we realized there is a need to improve the auction tool-process, in particular the means that had to be used for the auctions (eauction.gr) in order the confiscated properties to be effectively promoted. The problem was identified in the inability to attract buyers due to the lack of real estate data (legal-technical). As a result, the majority of the successful auctions are related to assets, which have been repurchased by the Banks (REOs) or have been unsuccessful.

The entire management is carried out by the team of Sodia’s specialized professionals, who have established a rapid process of evaluating and approving all available offers, in order to speed up sales.

Our team at Sodia, will maintain the web-platform on a weekly basis. In the immediate future, we will be releasing a company newsletter that allows anyone interested in our property to sign up and keep an eye out for all our updates.

You are welcome to have a look at our web-platform and find your next property in Greece!