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We are not liable regarding any misinformation, inaccuracy, mistake, misrepresentation, and so on, regarding the property information, including location, size, dimensions, physical and legal condition, and so on, on this Website. The users of this Website interested in completing a “tender form” on this Website are responsible to visit and inspect the properties they are bidding on, either themselves or through an advisor or a representative.


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The information included in the website, in relation to the real estate properties, i.e. including but not limited to the geographical location, the distinctive elements, the description etc are raised from publicly accessible sources and a transfer link to the relevant public website (eauction.gr) will be available to the user.

The intellectual property of images and photographs of the real estate properties –excluding those from publicly accessible sources, i.e. Google Earth, which bear the relevant distinctive attribution- is protected by copyright legislation in force and is owned exclusively by the Company.

The aforementioned images and photographs are provided to the user strictly for personal use. Thus, the user does not acquire any right, title or interest in any of the images and photographs of the real estate properties contained on this web site by accessing, downloading or printing such images and photographs.

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